Food Menu

Please note that International kids Academy provides ORGANIC food only
  • Week 1

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Oatmeal, banana, milk
    Scrambled eggs w/sausages, toast, strawberries, milk
    Yogurt, cheerios, apples, milk
    Bagel, cream cheese, 100% apple juice, milk
    Pancakes, fig jam, blueberries, milk
    Chicken noodle soup, carrots & cucumbers, milk
    Mashed potatoes, chicken cutlets, toast, yogurt drink, 100% juice
    Meatballs and pasta, tomatoes and cucumber salad, milk, strawberries
    Meatball soup with veggies, yogurt, bagel, milk, 100% juice
    Buckwheat with sliced chicken / gravy, cauliflower, bread, milk and 100% juice
    Afternoon snack
    Peanut butter bagel, sliced apples, milk
    Grilled cheese sandwich, strawberries, 100% juice
    Graham cookies, vanilla yogurt, blueberries, milk
    Macaroni and cheese, grapes, 100% juice
    Toast, cheese, peaches, 100% juice


    Week 2

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Muffin squares, apples, milk, 100% fruit juice
    Bagel with cream cheese, banana, milk
    French toast w/ eggs, milk, 100% fruit juice
    Semolina hot cereal, strawberries, milk
    Vanilla yogurt, cereal, raspberries, milk, 100% apple juice
    Chicken lentil soup, bread, milk, 100% fruit juice
    Homemade beef & veggie pizza, grapes, milk & juice
    Meatballs and rice soup, veggie salad, mixed berries, milk & juice
    Chicken nuggets, home-made fries, bread, celery & carrots, milk, 100% fruit juice
    Veggie soup with red beans, toast, watermelon, milk
    Afternoon snack
    Banana topped with low-fat frozen yogurt, sprinkled with cereal, water
    Roasted potato wedges, grapes, milk, juice
    Turkey and cheese sandwich, celery and cucumber, juice
    Rice pilaf with beef and veggies, strawberries, milk, juice
    Polish beef sausages, ketchup, crackers, fresh cantaloupe, water/juice